What is the Annual Fund?

Spanish Infusión School, like all other Independent Schools asks families to participate in the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the most important fundraising effort at SÍ School each year. From the school’s founding six years ago, the school has relied on the generous nature of our parents by volunteering their time at school and for their financial support to the school. There is a unique partnership-financial as well as educational-that makes our school community thrive. SÍ School  is a unique learning environment with small classes, a vibrant Spanish Infusion program, dedicated teachers, and a rich and challenging curriculum. The school continues to expand its financial aid program through the Annual Fund. Currently, 2% of our operating budget goes to Financial Aid with the remainder coming from some of the Annual Fund.

Why doesn’t SÍ School just raise tuition significantly?

We intentionally set the tuition below the full cost to keep the school more affordable for a wider range of students. The Annual Fund allows parents and friends of the school to pay for a portion of educational expenses to support the school through a tax deductible donation. We rely on voluntary contributions to help make up the difference between what it actually costs to educate a child at SÍ School and what tuition is. The Annual Fund helps to close this gap.

Why is Annual Fund participation so important?

A high level of participation in a school’s Annual Fund sends a powerful message that demonstrates our community’s strength and commitment to our students. We very much appreciate the participation and generous support and strive for 100% family participation. Participation in the Annual Fund allows us to expand our program, projects and offerings.

Is Bright Horizons involved in the Annual Fund in any way?

No. Bright Horizons is not involved with any fundraising at SÍ School. All money donated to the Annual Fund is held in an account of the PAC and the money is used to fund projects and Financial Aid as determined by the Head of School in conjunction with the PAC officers each year.

How much should I contribute?

We encourage you to make a meaningful gift based on individual or family circumstances and the value of an SÍ School education to your family. Gifts typically range from a few hundred dollars to contributions of up to $10,000. We have had generous grandparents donate up to $25,000. My dear friend Sue Painter, former Director of Development at MCDS, used to tell parents that when planning yearly contributions to charity, your child’s school should be at the top of the list followed by other organizations.

I wish to thank Sarah McKay, Director of Development at MCDS for assistance in providing information for this blog.

Jeff Escabar
Head of School

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