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Welcome to Además!

Además means “in addition to.” The purpose of Además is to strengthen and support the social, emotional, and academic skills of students through interactive and play-centered activities beyond the regular school day.

Whether your child is joining us for our morning or afternoon sessions, or both, for one day or each afternoon, we hope his/her creative mind is inspired and reinvigorated to further engage with life’s wonders.

Our activities

During our morning sessions, students will be welcomed into the school day with various activities, arts and crafts, interactive games, and outdoor play. In our afternoon sessions, students will transition to the program with a nutritious snack and will be offered menear tiempo/wiggle time outdoors (weather permitting). Students will then be invited to choose an actividad de la tarde/ afternoon activity. Below are some examples of possible afternoon activities.

Art projects

Art projects inspired by famous Spanish speaking artists such as, Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo.

Cooking classes

A cooking class that introduces students to easy snacks enjoyed by children from around Latin America.

Theater workshops

Storytelling and theater workshops incorporate new Spanish vocabulary, and culminate in a storybook and short plays.

Science experiments

Interactive science experiments introduce new vocabulary to students and give them opportunities to utilize common Spanish vocabulary and phrases.

Homework club

Homework club is a time designated for Upper School students to work on homework and academic enrichment, getting support as needed.

Independent time

Following la actividad de la tarde, students are offered tiempo independiente (independent time), where they have the opportunity to work on homework assignments, enjoy reading or writing, or work with a technologically supported resource. We end our afternoons with free-choice time or a short-story reading.

Summer camps

Además also offers camps during school vacations as well as summer break and is open to SÍ School and non-SÍ School students. Contact us for more information about summer camps. 

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