Our Athletic Department helps our students gain the skills and desire to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Our athletics curriculum serves our students’ wide range of needs and promotes sportsmanship, wellness, physical skills, and social and emotional growth. Our program is designed to meet students where they are and help them develop and improve their physical and social skills.

Athletic programs

Students participate in units such as chase and flee, individual fitness, team sports, international sports, jump rope, class favorites, and even quidditch (Yes, quidditch!). We also cover SEL (social and emotional learning) values and healthy themes such as nutrition, friendship, hydration, bones, blood, muscles, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Students develop a passion for physical activity and graduate exceeding state standards. We help students pursuing their athletic passions to reach the next level, preparing many students for high-school sports.

Sports teams

Many SÍ School students choose to participate in our sports teams. The Lower School fields four fall soccer teams (most coached by parents) and four baseball teams (most coached by the Athletic Director and parent volunteers). We partner with the JCCSF for basketball teams. Our Upper School participates in the San Francisco Independent Athletic League, which offers seasonal teams in basketball, cross country, futsal, volleyball, tennis, and ping-pong. The parent-run Sports Committee meets seasonally to help support the after-school teams. The Athletic Department also has partnerships with other local independent schools to ensure all students have the option of some sort of extracurricular sport participation.

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