Student Life

SÍ School students are preparing for the complex world in which we live and will have the skills to flourish in every capacity.

We use Spanish and English to prepare students for their lives ahead: as scholars, as citizens, and as leaders. We know that curiosity, creativity, and diversity are the essentials of education.

Lower School life is filled with fun. Kickball, recess, and discovery fill the day, with optional after-school clubs, early sports teams (such as T-ball and soccer tots) and art and creative play at Además. Every week, students explore San Francisco’s neighborhoods in closely supervised excursions to local parks, playgrounds, and community sites.

In the Upper School, the spirit continues. Mixed-grade Advisory Groups get the opportunity to develop leadership skills outside of classwork. Upper School students can join clubs such as our award-winning newspaper (La Pantera), chess, flamenco dance, jewelry making, cartooning, advanced athletics, and more. Upper School students also attend chaperoned dances with other San Francisco schools – and enjoy organizing the events themselves (with some help from parents/guardians!).

We are proud of our Lower School/Upper School Buddy Program, where Upper School students are paired with younger students. Older students apply their leadership and mentoring skills while younger students feel safe and guided, look up to their older buddies, and love knowing the big kids on campus. As a result bonds are formed that span grade levels and connections are made that spawn years-long friendships. 


At the SÍ School technology is a tool not a toy. Our Technology Program helps students learn how to use computers and technology as essential resources, while teaching them to recognize the potential limitations, distractions, and distortions of digital media. Every Upper School student receives a laptop for use with homework and class projects. Students learn how to have a healthy relationship with technology in a closed, supervised environment.

School lunch program

SÍ School believes that providing students with proper nutrition is an essential part of their health and education – and education about health. That’s why we have partnered with the ChoiceLunch, an exceptional San Francisco-based school lunch program that emphasizes local, nutritious meals based on low sugar and whole foods. This service provides our students with nutritious meals that can be ordered online and delivered to our school. Food allergies are accommodated.

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