Mission, Vision,
and Values

Our core values are diversity, individual and social responsibility, and respect for self and others.

Our Mission
Spanish Infusión School students live the true meaning of comunidad: In Español and English, students connect with our school community, appreciate the world’s diversity, and embrace their love of learning to become curious people, ready to make an impact.

Our Vision

Spanish Infusión School students are promised a rigorous and bilingual education from a multilingual, multicultural, and experienced faculty that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead. In return, we expect students to be compassionate, informed, and curious leaders at home, in their communities, and among their friends. Our students learn how to excel in school and in life.

Our Values

The Spanish Infusión School is founded on three principles: Language, Academics, and Community.

We believe learning language goes beyond words, and requires cultural understanding and empathy, and we believe learning a second language prepares our students to thrive in their lives ahead.

We believe that a rigorous and demanding education is the best foundation for a lifetime of curious and continuous learning, in high school and beyond.

And we believe that our community – the people who teach us, the peers we learn with, and the parents we learn from – defines us and empowers us to be better people. Comunidad es el fundamento de Spanish Infusión.

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