Our Story

Founded in 2007, the Spanish Infusión School has pioneered a new educational philosophy, pairing dual-language learning with a rigorous core academic curriculum.

A dozen years ago, we were founded as Marin Preparatory School, a San Francisco–based extension of the prestigious Marin Day School program. The school was founded around a simple but powerful idea: to create a nurturing environment where Bay Area students might glean a second language, while grounding them in the fundamentals of a thorough elementary and middle school education. It was a leap of faith, and thanks to the courage of a few founding families, a devoted faculty, and the support of Bright Horizons, a new kind of school was born.

It not only worked but it also thrived.

In 2019, we have chosen to embrace the uniqueness of what we have created and are setting out anew, as the Spanish Infusión School, a beacon to the world demonstrating the power of a new pan-educational model.

Since our founding, the Spanish Infusión School (SÍ School) has created something that does not exist anywhere in the U.S., or the world. We are proud and successful pioneers, and we invite you to join us on our voyage.

We are a family of students, faculty, parents/guardians, and staff. We believe in the power of Comunidad.

Today, the SÍ School program is a broad and balanced blend of progressive and traditional education, with exceptional faculty members who are experts in their subjects and who take pride in inspiring young minds. Our curriculum includes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and our own Spanish infusion model of language acquisition.

Spanish infusion is different than Spanish immersion. While Spanish immersion requires students to catch up or pitch out, Spanish infusion surrounds students with Español language and culture, while allowing them to work in English. Most of our faculty are native Spanish speakers, and at least one class a day is only in Spanish. The program works: By 8th grade the vast majority of our students are conversationally proficient and test into the advanced levels of high school Spanish.

SÍ School is also a place where teachers and parents/guardians work together. We seek families who will become an integral part of our community and, in return, offer them opportunities to participate in the life of the school.

Come visit us and find out what we’re about. And as you seek the best match between school and family, I can only offer this:

It is not a parent’s responsibility to pave the way for their children, but to provide a road map.

We believe that the Spanish Infusión School is that map. Enjoy the journey!

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Jeff Escabar
Head of School

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