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Parents are essential members of the SÍ School community. All families have a part to play in supporting our students.

We all pitch in. Many parents join the Parents Advisory Council, or coach sports teams, or help out in after-school clubs, or call in favors for special field trips. It’s fair to say that you will meet some of your best friends at the SÍ School.

Parents meet teachers twice a year in parent/teacher conferences, and parents are encouraged to participate in weekly Communidad gatherings and after school activities as appropriate. Every grade has Class Parents who organize parties, chaperone field trips, and support our teachers.

We also support parents in the high school decision process. In the 7th grade, when it comes time for high school placement, we provide rigorous overview of the entire admissions process, with school specific information and individual and group counseling.

Parent Advisory

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) promotes a strong sense of community at the Spanish Infusión School by facilitating parent cooperation, involvement, and fundraising. The PAC consists of five parent volunteers who serve as executive officers for a one-year term. The PAC meets regularly with the Head of School to discuss the school’s mission, specific needs, and events, as well as to decide how the PAC can best support the school.

To promote community and support our mission, the PAC partners with and contributes to the school in the following ways:

  • Coordinates the efforts of school volunteer committees
  • Supports extracurricular activities, including field trips and parent educational seminars
  • Coordinates non-academic communication
  • Organizes, plans, and executes special events
  • Supports the admissions process for incoming students and families
  • Works alongside the faculty as a community representative of the school
  • Each academic year, the PAC holds parent community meetings to solicit input and seek assistance to plan events and to better meet the needs of the Spanish Infusión School.

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