Spanish Infusion

Spanish infusion is different than Spanish immersion. It is not sink or swim. Spanish infusion surrounds our students with Spanish language and culture, while they work in English. 

More than half of our faculty are native Spanish speakers, and at least one class a day is exclusively in Spanish. All year, students learn the diversity of Hispanic art, history, and culture. 

In Lower School classrooms, we have two teachers with at least one native Spanish speaker, who infuses Spanish throughout the day. Students in Upper School will engage in 8 hours of Spanish class per week.

By 8th grade the vast majority of our students are conversationally proficient and test into the advanced levels of high school Spanish. Research suggests that bilingual people score better on tests of reading, verbal fluency, and intelligence.

Two languages, one philosophy. Spanish is part of students’ everyday school activities and experiences, so that Spanish becomes a natural and integral part of every child’s social and cognitive development.

Stages of Spanish Language Learning

In addition to Spanish language infused throughout the school day, our students follow these concrete stages of Spanish language learning:

TK & Kindergarten


Students are exposed to daily 45-minute Spanish classes entirely in the target language and begin to create a solid basis for comprehension, oral expression, and sound-letter relationship (alphabet recognition).

Grades 1 and 2


Students continue to engage in daily 45-minute Spanish classes to communicate basic needs and further develop their listening, reading, and writing skills.

Grades 3 through 4


Students delve into more systematic daily 60-minute classes to further explore Spanish language and Hispanic cultures from around the globe.

Grades 5 through 8


Students attain language learning with a daily Spanish class followed by electives in the target language (8 hours a week). By the end of 8th grade, the expectation is that students will have made Spanish their own. They will likely test into a high level of Spanish, or initiate the study an additional language in preparation for university.

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