Upper School

Upper School students at SÍ School are challenged by a rigorous curriculum and supported by a highly qualified faculty, a generous faculty-to-student ratio – and each other. 

We provide a rich program of math, science, art, music, humanities – and Spanish. We feature Singapore math in grades 6-8 and our STEAM program encompasses Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

In Upper School, many of the grade divisions dissolve, as students learn in mixed-grade Advisory Groups and mixed-grade Spanish proficiency classes. They work collaboratively across grades on special projects and music and art specialty classes. In Upper School, many of our students thrive as never before as they prepare for the road ahead, to high school and beyond.

Key Info

Transitional Kindergarten

Student must be age 5 by December 1, 2019


Student must be age 5 by September 1, 2019

Common Evaluation Form and Admission Deadline:

Due January 10, 2019

Upper School curriculum

We provide a dynamic program that encourages children to explore and discover their world. Learning Spanish is a central part of this approach.


Upper school mathematics is designed to teach students mathematical literacy, logical reasoning, data analysis, and problem solving. We use the Singapore Math method to teach students concrete, pictorial, and abstract learning, as well as advanced mathematical thinking and algebraic expression.


Our science program applies a STEAM approach to emphasize observation, experimentation, investigation, analysis, and explanation. The process is the objective, as students take a hands-on approach to biology and the natural world, culminating in physics and chemistry in the 8th grade. They also learn about human health and successful decision making.


History and English are elementary components of our education, from literal understanding to critical analysis. Students dig into U.S. history, share written work, and learn to develop arguments based on varying perspectives and experiences. From novels to poetry, Western and non-Western histories, our students are exposed to the world’s bounty of cultures and learn to hone their own ideas.


We take special pride in our language program for Upper School students. In addition to one hour a day of Spanish language instruction, students are offered several elective classes taught exclusively in Spanish. Taught by native Spanish speakers, these classes expose students to a profusion of Spanish-speaking cultures and communities, in the U.S. and around the world. Our students learn the Five C’s, as developed by the National Standard for Foreign Language Learning: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

Arts & Athletics

Each week Upper School students participate in Art, Music, Drama, and Physical Education (PE). From ceramics to photography, from Drama to Band, students have the opportunity to explore new avenues of creativity and develop their own powers for self-expression. Our exceptional PE program challenges students while emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, and athletic identity. We also facilitate students’ participation in organized team sports and leagues.

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