Lower School

Lower school students at SÍ School are challenged by a rigorous STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and supported by a highly qualified faculty and a generous faculty-to-student ratio. 

We provide a complete program of math, science, art, music, and humanities. We feature Bridges math in grades TK-5 and our teachers are committed to helping students succeed in our unique and enriching environment.

Key Info

Transitional Kindergarten:

Student must be age 5 by December 1, 2019


Student must be age 5 by September 1, 2019

Common Evaluation Form & Application Deadline:

Due January 10, 2019

Lower School curriculum

We provide a dynamic program that encourages children to explore and discover their world. Learning Spanish is a central part of this approach.


The Spanish Infusión School’s kindergarten program provides an active and interactive model to stimulate a child’s natural excitement for learning. Through direct experiences, hands-on learning, and an environment in which they feel safe to make mistakes, students ask questions, share feelings, gain confidence, and become comfortable speaking with adults and peers.

1st Grade

Working on activities, assignments, and projects in small, doable chunks, SÍ School’s first graders build on the solid foundational skills they developed in kindergarten. At this age, children begin to talk and explain their thinking in more detail, they gain confidence in tackling more challenging activities, and their communities grow as they move beyond “self” to expanding friendships. Art also becomes a more prominent theme, with children seeing connections between academic disciplines and the arts, and beginning to weave poems, language, and songs into many parts of their day.

2nd Grade

At SÍ School, second graders create high-quality finished products while building on the skills and confidence they gained in first grade. Here, children begin to work on open-ended assignments (writing about a topic in their own words, investigating a curiosity in science, etc.), follow clear steps of a plan, and start to recognize the importance of process as well as the end product. In second grade, hands-on learning is taken to a higher level, with children becoming able to listen and focus with increased attention.

3rd Grade

Third graders at SÍ School move from learning to read to reading to learn. Their natural love of talking allows for group work that promotes collaborating with peers and sharing reflections of their work. At this time, children’s love of tall tales and exaggeration weaves its way into literature and writing. They also begin to think and act in a more logical manner and are excited by classification and the way things work. Project-based learning takes on a deeper meaning and third grade allows for deeper exploration across the disciplines.

4th Grade

In 4th grade at SÍ School, deeper discussions become a significant part of the curriculum. At this age, students are naturally passionate about social justice; they also love word play, expanding their vocabulary, and descriptive language (if they think it, they say it). As a result, the use of jokes, limericks, silly poetry, and word games for increased verbal competence becomes the norm. Additionally, students at this age continue their curiosity around math and science, and they are capable of deeper, more targeted experiences with science experiments and mathematical word problems.

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