The curriculum at the Spanish Infusión School offers students and families a unique approach to education: academic excellence and cross-cultural learning within the framework of the one and only Spanish infusion program in the United States.

Students at SÍ School are challenged by a rigorous STEAM curriculum, and supported by a highly qualified faculty and a generous student-to-faculty ratio. Our elementary school and middle school both provide a robust program of math, science, art, music and humanities. We feature Bridges math in grades TK-5 and Singapore math in grades 6-8. Our teachers are committed to helping students succeed in our unique and enriching environment.

While our core academic subjects are taught in English, all daily Spanish language and culture classes are taught entirely in Spanish. Additionally, Spanish is part of students’ everyday school activities and experiences so that Spanish becomes a natural and integral part of every child’s social and cognitive development.

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We use Spanish and English to prepare students for their lives ahead: as scholars, as citizens, and as leaders. We know that curiosity, creativity, and diversity are the essentials of education.

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“It’s so fun to watch our first grader, who had no exposure to Spanish two years ago, spontaneously start to speak, write, and sing in Spanish without even realizing it!”


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